Safety, Tips & Guidelines

Winter Tips

Prestone® experts provide consumers with the latest and most advanced winter-related products to make driving in snow and icy conditions easier and safer.
Emergency Kit Essentials
Be Prepared On The Road By Having:

  1.  A portable jump starter and power source so you can start your own vehicle without needing the help of another car.
  2.  A flashlight or spotlight.
  3.  Emergency flares to make sure you are clearly visible to other drivers and reflectors in case you are stranded at night. A first aid kit.
  4.  A tire inflator and sealer that will quickly and easily inflate and seal a flat tire so that you can drive home or to the repair shop.
  5.  Bottled water and snacks, such as crackers or energy bars.
  6.  Blankets (inexpensive acrylic blankets are available at most discount merchandisers).
  7.  A cellular phone so you can call for assistance if necessary, as well as a contact list of service stations and emergency numbers.
  8.  An ice scraper and snow brush, essential items for winter months.
  9.  An extra pair of gloves, a scarf and hat.
  10.  Extra windshield washer de-icer fluid that can be used in cold weather driving.
Ice Fighters For Safe Winter Driving

When winter comes it is armed and dangerous with a powerful arsenal of conditions that lower your visibility when driving. But with some recent developments in ice-fighting technology, it's easier to keep your windshield clear for safer driving.

Start With Your Washer Fluid

According to the winter driving experts at Prestone®, most regular blue washer fluids may work fine in the summer, but in cold weather they can freeze, smear on your windshield and block your view. Prestone® Windshield De-Icer Washer Fluid, easily identifiable by its bright yellow color, is a washer fluid formulated to work in extremely cold temperatures. The Prestone fluid:

  • Will remove frost and light ice
  • Will prevent dangerous refreeze
  • Won't freeze in the washer reservoir
  • Works in temperatures as low as -25°F
  • Clears away road grime and salt
Clear Off Your Windshield Right Away

If your vehicle has been out in the ice and snow, you may have a lot of work to do before you start driving. Follow these steps for quick and easy clearing:

  • Start your vehicle and turn on the front and rear defrosters.
  • Clear the snow off your entire vehicle, including headlights, taillights, hood, trunk and the top of your car. The snow blowing off your vehicle could reduce visibility for the driver behind you.
  • Consider using Prestone® Spray De-Icer, an aerosol spray that speeds up the process by melting ice as you scrape. Score the surface of the ice first before spraying to improve the de-icer's penetration into the ice structure.

Getting Out Of Your Icy Driveway
Before you start shoveling away at a driveway packed with snow and ice, the winter experts at Prestone Products have some recommendations to make it easier on you and your back:

  • Make sure you have a good shovel
  • Stretch beforehand
  • Lift with your knees (not your back)
  • Take frequent breaks to give your muscles a rest

If you follow these simple steps, you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to deal with bad-weather days.

The best way to decrease accidental ingestion of antifreeze/coolant by your pets is to keep them away from it. Handle any antifreeze, either EG or PG, with the greatest caution.
  • Check your driveway and under your car regularly for antifreeze leaks. If your car's cooling system malfunctions, clean up spills thoroughly and discard cleaning rags where pets can't reach them.
  • When you change your antifreeze, make sure your pets are secured safely and no children are in the area.
  • If your engine does boil over, immediately clean up the spill wherever you are.
  • If you even suspect your pet has been exposed to antifreeze, take it to a vet immediately.
  • Be sure to clean cats thoroughly, especially where they can lick themselves.
  • Keep your vet's phone number by your phone for easy access.
Leaks & Squeaks

Has your vehicle got a really annoying squeak? Or maybe it's leaving a trail of some neon-colored juice. Afraid it might be cheaper to drive it over a cliff than to a mechanic? Never fear. Most of these are easy to fix yourself with inexpensive products you can find almost anywhere.
If your transmission is having trouble shifting, or you see red fluid puddling around your car, check your transmission fluid level right away. Transmissions are closed systems and need to be full at all times. But don't waste your time continually refilling the fluid. Seal the leak as you add transmission fluid, with a product like Prestone® ATF with Stop Leak.
If your car complains loudly when you turn it sharply right or left, it may be leaking power steering fluid. As an alternative to costly repair, try Prestone® Power Steering Fluid With Stop Leak to refill your system and stop the leak in one step.
The other leak you can seal with a simple additive is in your cooling system. Leaking antifreeze can be dangerous for neighborhood pets and lead to engine overheating, so it's important to get this fixed. The trouble is, the leak could be anywhere. The radiator, the heater core, or the hoses.
There are a number of stop leak products made for cooling systems, and each one seals a different size hole. Prestone® Stop Leaks seals most leaks in hoses, radiators, and heater cores, and also helps lubricate the water pump and fights rust and scale at the same time. As you move up to more heavy duty products for larger holes, you may want to go right to the big guns: something like Prestone® Super Sealer.