• Prestone® Multi-Vehicle ATF + Stop Leak

    Prestone® Multi-Vehicle ATF + Stop Leak is a high-quality ATF designed to meet or exceed the needs of most cars on the road today. Plus, Prestone Multi-Vehicle ATF + Stop Leak helps to stop leaks and condition dry and cracked seals. This product can help delay or eliminate the need for costly repairs. Engineered for European, Asian, and American vehicles and to perform in both high- and low-temperature extremes in both new and old vehicles.

    With engine off, fill transmission fluid to level specified in owner’s manual. Do not overfill. May be used for top off or complete refill. Wash exposed skin after use.

    Prestone® Multi-Vehicle ATF + Stop Leak Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive is scientifically formulated to keep transmissions running smoothly while stopping leaks. The proprietary 2-in-1 formula is a blend of the latest in transmission-fluid technology and advanced stop-leak additives.

    • A high-quality Group II mineral base lubricates transmission systems and delivers additives where needed.
    • A comprehensive additive package contains antioxidants and anti-wear and anti-foam additives, corrosion inhibitors, and a viscosity modifier. A pour point depressant ensures operation even at sub-zero temperatures.
    • Ensures that the transmission is protected, delivering smooth shifting and clutch engagement.
    • A premium seal swell additive replaces vital elastomer plasticizers that swell and revitalizes the seals to stop leaks.