Identify coolant issues in the field

Prestone Command® Test Strips

Prestone Command® Test Strips help maintain the proper levels of coolant additives for all applications. One-step test kits with color-coded charts, instructions and easy-to-read strips take the work and worry out of all cooling-system analysis.

Prestone Command® offers three different test strips to support field and scheduled maintenance.

  • AFC210 – Water-Quality Test Strips Hardness/pH/Chloride
  • AFC220 – Field-Maintenance Test Strips Nitrite/Freeze Point/pH
  • AFC240 – ELC-Maintenance Test Strips Freeze Point/OAT/Nitrite/pH
Test Strips


Test Strips

  • Easy to read: includes chart and instructions
  • Quickly identifies additive levels and water condition
  • For use in the field and with scheduled maintenance
  • Maximize asset reliability and uptime
  • Minimize downtime