Prestone Command® Test Kits and Analysis Program

Prestone Command® Test Kits provide a complete fluid-testing, training and consulting program to complement its trusted antifreeze/coolant family. Prestone Command® test kits vary in complexity and scope to meet a range of fleet needs, and offer the ability to test important variables from basic glycol concentration to more complete methods that measure condition of the fluid, and the ability of the coolant to protect the engine from corrosion by measuring the level of inhibitors. The data generated from the Prestone Command® program will remove the guesswork, risk and reactionary nature of any maintenance department and improve the bottom line.

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Test Kits and Analysis Program


Test Kits and Analysis Program

  • Detailed analysis provides a snapshot of coolant condition
  • Identifies possible component wear and contamination in engines
  • Data to safely extend drain intervals and equipment life
  • Maximize asset reliability and uptime
  • Minimize downtime

Prestone Command® Analysis Program

Prestone Command® offers three different test kits to meet the various challenges heavy duty engine coolant may encounter.

  • AFC100-TK2: Designed for analysis of conventional low-silicate heavy duty (IAT) coolants
  • AFC110-TK3: Designed for analysis of IAT and organic acids heavy duty (NOAT, OAT, HOAT) coolants
  • AFC110-TK5: Designed for Advanced Coolant Condition Monitoring for all coolant technologies

Prestone Command Analysis Program Guide